The most beautiful home in Finland?

The most beautiful home in Finland is once again being looked for on the MTV channel, where the tenth season of the “the Most Beautiful Home in Finland” is running at the moment. In the tenth episode of the series, on 1.11. what’s also included is the modern log house that we provided.

This house is full of ecological luxury, modern design and high-class details. The house was designed by Janne Kantee, architect SAFA, and it’s  been made with massive spruce timber. Our unique unpressable timber structure facilitates the use of large HTWS windows integrated into the structure.

The house is specifically designed from the point of view of well-being, so the massive log structure is a natural choice because of its positive health benefits.  For those couples that appreciate comprehensive well-being. Of course, there is also a gym in the home.

Casa Inkinen Casa Inkinen