Polar Collection

Polar 25

a real “king of sauna cottages”

Polar 33

one the most popular models of the Polar Collection

Polar 47

the little sister of Polar 60

Polar 60

a villa of a comfortable size

Polar 80

comfortable living in a compact size

Polar 84

an enchanting home full of light

Polar 90

smoothly functioning and relaxed leisure time

Polar 103

plenty of glass surfaces

Polar 110

a perfect home for a small family

Polar 114

both classical and modern

Polar 119

spacious and versatile

Polar 127

bathe in the sunlight

Polar 130

space for the free time

Polar 132

stylish and graceful appearance

Polar 138

a cozy and convenient one-floor home

Polar 150

a spacious holiday home, suitable for use all year round

Polar 152A

A spacious leisure house or small family home

Polar 152B

a functional home on one floor

Polar 155

Polar 156

Polar 165

timeless architecture

Polar 173

a home in which shared time is most important

Polar 186

extremely well-functioning room plan and stylish appearance

Polar Swan 193

the little sister of Polar Swan 225

Polar 199

more classical in terms of style

Polar 203

a classic home with a personal appearance

Polar 248

Designed for a sloping site

Polar 265

a convenient one-floor home with a graceful appearance

Polar 268

a versatile home with modern design

Polar Swan 225

a lavish space for living

Polar 316

a Polar model with an interesting twist

Polar Swan 333

both classical and modern at the same time

Polar 357

an elegant and stylish home

Polar 400

a luxury home inspired by the Alp chalets

Original Polar Collection with a patented construction

Our original Polar Collection has gained friends from all over the world over a decade. Its timeless design has the spirit of Alpen chalets and Middle European post&beam construction. The open and spacious interior of a Polar home bathes in gentle natural light. In this collection you can find a wide selection of different floor plans – from cozy vacation homes to top class luxury homes – and everything in between. We are also happy to design a Polar home according to your wishes.

You can recognize an authentic Polar home by a glass facade reaching from the floor level to the ceiling. Thanks to our patented solutions, your Polar house will have highly finished look with carefully designed details.

Over the years we have delivered our Polar homes all over the globe. The magical feeling of these houses you have to experience yourself. Find your favorite among the house model selection!