Polar Life Haus offers several options for a environmentally friendly home - log house, wooden house or post & beam house

Thanks to our modern and flexible production technology, virtually any design can be realized with any of our construction. Most of our log houses have a solid wooden constructions, which means no additional thermal insulation is necessary.

Our wooden houses are pre-cut eco wooden homes that have a plastic-free wall construction. We prefer natural wooden fibre insulation and breathing wall construction. The wooden parts of a pre-cut house are cut ready at the factory and assembled on site, so no ready-made elements are used. Our sturdy Pre-Cut Strong frame (60×195) gives your house stability.

Post and beam houses have a non-settling construction where the frame of your house is realized using sturdy laminated posts and beams. The exterior cladding of a post and beam house can be chosen from different materials: wood, stone or glass.

Vacation homes can be realized with any of the constructions mentioned above.


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