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“We visited the Wave house at the Mikkeli Housing Fair years ago, captivated by its curved design. In the same context, a representative from Polar Life Haus told us about the Zimmermeister building master culture, with roots dating back to the Middle Ages. In Germany, Zimmermeister is a respected profession, and to become a master, one must pass a rigorous exam, preceded by years of study and practical training on construction sites. Knowledge is passed down from masters to apprentices.

For a Zimmermeister, honor is everything: building, for them, is about creating an uncompromisingly good and durable structure. Polar Life Haus entrepreneurs have spent extended periods in Germany learning about local construction. The time spent in Germany has resulted in a vision for better building and living, maintaining respect for design, quality, tradition, and nature.

From the beginning, the log frame from Polar Life Haus was our clear favorite, although changes in the market situation, including rising timber prices, led us to also explore alternatives with stone construction. In the end, we had about 10 different offers on the table, which we compared based on price, estimated quality, and the final result. Polar Life Haus was the only company able to implement all structural solutions related to the frame according to our wishes. The HTWS window solution, patented by Polar Life Haus and featuring minimalist design, was particularly pleasing to us. The floor inside seamlessly aligned with the outdoor terrace, creating a beautiful continuity.

The log comes from our domestic forests.”

Architectural design by Sankariarkkitehdit

Interior design by Laura Seppänen



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