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The hybrid log house Wave was constructed for the Mikkeli Housing Fair 2017 where it received several awards. We asked the resident a few questions.

February 2023

It has been over five years since the Housing Fair; how have you enjoyed your log home?

I have enjoyed it a lot; five years have passed quickly. The vicinity of Lake Saimaa and the surrounding nature provide their own, even more unique, touch to living. Wave’s large size and longitudinal shape and the creative placement of the house on the plot create a sheltered and pleasant yard area and, thus, an enjoyable entity where personal tranquillity and a connection with nature are retained.

What do you find is the best thing about your house and why? 

The eye-catching solid, impressive appearance combined with a functional spatial solution and placement on the plot. Together with the architect and retailer, we created a combination that functions in all aspects.

Why would you like to recommend log house accommodation to others?

Wood, as a Finnish raw material, is a stylish choice. The solid appearance of wood material, the log frame, and the clean indoor air. The wooden wall surfaces in the interior premises provide a soft appearance.

Architectural design Seppo Mäntylä
Photos Hans Koistinen



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