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We built the Wing house, designed by Architect SAFA Janne Kantee, for the Naantali Housing Fair in Finland in 2022. This house is a modern log house where the angular shape has been broken up by interesting details. The house was built with massive and ecological lamellar spruce log. The properties and materials of the house pay respect to the beautiful nature of the Luonnonmaa region. When in the house, you feel like you are being embraced by nature, with large window surfaces to create a smooth continuum in between the inside and the outside.

3 rooms + kitchen + utility room + sauna + washroom
Floor area 120 m²
Room area 112 m²

Floor area 31 m²

Spruce log 240 x 203 mm

“WING is a log house for a new era where the regular log house shape has been broken up in a unique way. Natural light plays a big role in the Wing house. Light floods the house through ceiling-high HTWS designer windows, which are made in-house by Polar Life Haus. The window system is a patented system that provides the safest and most stylish large-surface glass solution. The quality and mood of the Wing house needs to be experienced in person.”

Katariina Vainionpää / Polar Life Haus

“The house finds inspiration in the surrounding nature and the closeness of the sea. Other design premises include light and shadow, which both live and change with the times of day and the seasons. The architecture features a modern and simple language where the architectonic tension is generated by the dialogue between dark wooden surfaces and large glass surfaces as well as a smallness of scale and simplification.

From the outset, the design was guided by the client’s wish to have easy living in the middle of nature. The large glass surfaces open vistas of the desired directions and bring close the nature and the changing seasons. The floor plan of the building is a direct result of the directions and views that were wanted as well as of the placement of the different functions according to a compact room plan.

The indoor areas and decorations are designed with an open and light character and with the idea of easy care. Good sleep is achieved with dark bedrooms where the large glass surfaces are blacked out by external curtains that also reduce the need for cooling.”

Janne Kantee, Architect SAFA

Take a closer look at the Wing house at the virtual Housing Fair!



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