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Where did it all start, the idea and dream of building?

On the plot, there was already a well-maintained old house that we used as a vacation home. We wanted to spend more time here, but the house was a bit too small for our needs. At first, we considered expanding the old house. However, over the years, our dreams of expansion evolved into a new home. Since the plot was already there, the decision to build and start the process was quick. The final push came from catalog of Polar Life Haus, which our friend and future salesperson gave us. The catalog came at just the right time – just when our enthusiasm for a new home was already in full swing. In the catalog, we immediately found a stunning destination in South Africa that we both loved. From there, this idea and project really took off.

How and why did you choose Polar Life Haus?

Polar Life Haus as a company was already somewhat familiar to us. Through exploring the catalog, we delved even deeper into the company and the product itself. Our wish was to build a log house. As we got to know Polar Life Haus, we realized that their product and its quality are in a league of their own in Finland. The modern solutions and HTWS windows particularly appealed to us. We also received many recommendations from friends and acquaintances who had previously built with Polar Life Haus. Additionally, we had the opportunity to visit a few completed projects, which helped us better understand what kind of product we were dealing with.

What do you value in living?

In our living, we particularly value healthiness, cleanliness, aesthetics, and practicality. Things need to be functional. We didn’t want to make visual choices at the expense of practicality; they had to go hand in hand. Additionally, tranquility and peace are important to us.

Did you visit the factory and/or house exhibition? What did you gain from the visit? Do you recommend it to others?

Yes, we visited both the factory and the house exhibition. We highly recommend them to others. They provide an opportunity to see different solutions and possibilities, as well as get ideas for our own project. The factory visit was comprehensive and interesting. It’s always fascinating to see where the product comes from and how it is manufactured.


What is the best thing about your house and why?

The best thing about our house is definitely its functional design. The good planning is evident in the final result. The building has been carefully thought out to fit perfectly into this environment. The house and the yard are in harmony with the surrounding nature. Additionally, the construction and interior materials have been chosen to be as natural as possible. Our home has a lot of sensory pleasing materials. The layout and other practical solutions have been successful, making everyday life functional. There is a relaxed atmosphere here, both for living and being, without forgetting about visual appeal – we think this house looks truly stunning.

What do you think about the quality of the product?

The quality of the product is excellent. The wood is high-quality and beautiful. Details such as brushed logs and structural solutions made possible by logs are captivating.

What was your experience like working with Polar Life Haus?

In every project, there are bound to be some challenges, and for us, it was important that any issues that arose were addressed quickly and in the best possible way. We felt that we received excellent concrete advice from Polar Life Haus, such as Mikko Vainionpää’s brilliant idea to initially mirror the entire house. This advice was truly valuable. In addition to these aspects, it was a pleasure to see that they were genuinely invested in our project.

How does it feel now that the project is complete? What was the journey like from dream to reality?

Now that the house has been completed for some time, we can say that it feels great. The journey could be described as relatively fast and expensive. As we learned about different fine solutions, it was easy to gravitate towards more expensive choices. The journey felt surprisingly short compared to how it felt in the middle of the project. At that time, it felt like it would never end. In the end, the project lasted about a year and a half from when construction began.

How would you describe Polar Life Haus in a couple of words?

High-quality and exceptional.


Why would you recommend living in a log house to others?

The healthiness, naturalness, quality, and everyday luxury of living. In addition, log houses have something timeless and wonderful. They have history and future, tradition with a modern twist. It creates depth and meaning.

What advice would you give to future builders?

It is often said that the budget exceeds and the schedule gets extended. We also believe it’s good to be prepared for that. It’s important to find out what kind of contracts are typically used for such projects and how the contracts should be structured. The content of construction contracts should be agreed upon as precisely as possible, and we recommend considering how agreed-upon matters will be monitored. In procurement processes, we recommend utilizing a professional. A house builder is rarely a professional buyer.

There can never be too many questions in any area of the project, so ask questions like a three-year-old. We also recommend following other people’s building journeys. For example, Instagram offers a lot of peer support and inspiration.



Information about our products and our way of building

Dozens of house and villa models

Beautiful exterior and interior images, as well as 3D visualizations

Plenty of ideas and inspiration for planning your own Polar Life Haus.