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The ecological wooden house Villa Hopeapuu was constructed for the Lohja Housing Fair 2021. We asked the resident family a few questions.

It has been just over a year since the Housing Fair; how have you enjoyed your eco-friendly wooden house?
– We have enjoyed it very much. This is a place where it is easy to breathe, and the house and its solutions meet our needs excellently.

What do you find is the best thing about your house and why?
– The best thing about the house is that it has been designed for this specific plot while considering the terrain shapes and compass points. We wanted the premises to be as transformable as possible, and often at breakfast, we play around with ideas of how we could transform some area in the future if/when our needs change. We made the interior premises’ material choices ourselves and wanted to cherish genuine natural materials and traditional woodwork. We are grateful for these choices every single day.

Why would you like to recommend ecological log house living to others?
– At first, we thought about building a massive log house, but in the end we decided on an eco-friendly wooden house due to a very limiting building schedule, and as the project progressed, we started thinking that an ecological house was better for us. We do find the eco-friendly wooden house to be an excellent and well-breathing alternative to a log house. An eco-friendly wooden house also seemed to be somewhat more flexible in terms of architecture.

The family that built Villa Hopeapuu



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