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What do you value in housing?

In my opinion, a vacation home should offer a place to reorganize your thoughts and unwind. There should be maximum space for spending time together, while for instance bedrooms can be smaller. In our vacation home, kitchen and living room form one single space.

On vacation, free time has of course an important role. However, I want to spend it together with other people, so my vacation home has to support this. There is nothing better than cooking a good meal with your friends and having a good time. I also think it is natural to have big windows when you build in the middle of nature, as it connects the interior to the surroundings. It is also important to have the house blend in – I rather like the dark colour of the exterior, as the house does not stand out from the pine forest.

How did the planning process go?

Over the years, I drafted several floor plans myself and had the best one drawn by an architect. Then I took offers from three house manufacturers, and the discussions I had with your sales representative closed the deal. My plans were then checked by the factory and little adjustments were required.

How did you end up choosing Polar Life Haus?

As I mentioned above, your open mind and attitude were the deciding factors. Price also played a role. Also I’d like to mention that I appreciate the sales reprentative could recommend who to hire for the construction job.

What do you think about the quality of Polar Life Haus homes and their service?

I’m very pleased how things were done. So far, everyone who has seen the place has liked it – myself included.

Are you happy with your house?

For Polar Life Haus’ part, everything went well. If there were some minor trouble, it was handled quickly.

Samppa Mäki-Patola



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