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Building our own house had been our dream years before starting the project, so we had had plenty of time to think what the future home of our family should be like. Soon enough we were certain that there was something special in log houses. There, you felt better and slept better than anywhere. After this revelation, there were no other choices for us but a log house.

We chose Polar Life Haus because of their amazing know-how and open-minded attitude. With them, we felt all our wishes could come true – even though the list wasn’t short. We wanted to combine modern architecture with a cozy feeling – something you could enjoy looking at and still find a place to relax. We like bold yet simple design, and we also wanted to have big windows reaching from the floor level to the ceiling, and spiral stairs.

This was the basis architect Seppo Mäntylä started to design our house. Our house is located close to Lake Kyrkösjärvi, and from the second floor there is quite a nice view to the lake – something you don’t often have in Seinäjoki, Southern Ostrobothnia, an area known for its vast expanses of cultivated fields and only rarely lakes. We feel Seppo understood this perfectly, as the daily life is centered in the second floor of our house. Some details, such as the way sunlight travels through the house over the day, we have come to realize only after living in the house for a while, and we appreciate it greatly.

Our building project was not without difficulties. The exterior of the house was already finished, when a fire broke out and the whole house burned to the ground. As an almost unbelievable example of their flexibility, Polar Life Haus delivered new logs in just a couple of weeks, and we could start rebuilding immediately after the site was cleaned up. The house we built anew was completely similar to the first one – there was nothing we wanted to change.

We wanted to build a home that would have a long life and where we could live happily in a healthy and safe environment. Today, we have lived in our new home for six months and enjoyed every moment! Polar Life Haus had experience, the right kind of attitude and capacity to realize our dream home. We warmly recommend their services.

With best regards,
The family of Riihi house



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