Polar villa, custom model

Sustainable and comfortable vacation home for two families
Heinola is Finnish city known for its beautiful lakes. In 2014 we started to build a new summer place by the Imjärvi lake – we had a nice place facing west. We wanted to build with wood, but we also wanted good thermal insulation so that we could spend time there in all seasons. There were two families building the house together, so we had to consider the needs of everyone – young and old. After going through a number of different options, we  happened to find Polar Collection and liked what we saw. A custom model designed just for as had a floor area of 95 m2 and a 25 m2 lof. Starting in late 2014, the project was finished in 2016.

Even though weather was not on our side during the construction, we had no particular problems. We did a lot ourselves, but we also used professionals to speed things up. All materials delivered by Polar Life Haus were high quality and there were enough of them. The frame assembly took only two weeks. The communication between Polar Life Haus and our architect Anneli Hellsten was easy. We are happy with our high quality vacation home where we hope to spend many summers to come.

Anneli and Jarkko Hellsten Lahti,
Soila and Hannu Riihimäki, Lahti

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