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What do you value in housing?

For us, the most important thing is, rather than the house, the place itself where our home is located. When we found the right place, we wanted to build a house that would our “final” home. We wanted durable, long-lived materials that are both natural and allergy-friendly.

How did the planning process go?

We had our own architect who designed the house, and then the technical details were planned by Polar Life Haus. Everything important to us was possible to realize, and the last details were honed to perfection together with Polar Life Haus.

How did you end up choosing Polar Life Haus?

Our place was in a city, and the profile used in Polar Life Haus logs was the best one on the market. We saw it for the first time at Housing Fair. We wanted a log house, no exterior cladding, and we hoped the rather strict building permit authorities in our area would accept it as such. Luckily, they did. Polar Life Haus was not the cheapest choice, but besides the log profile the know-how and attitude of their sales representative were important to us. Another deciding factor was the promise that Polar Life Haus would be able to realize the plans of our architect without changes. A promise they kept.

What do you think about the quality of Polar Life Haus homes and their service?

We have been very happy with our house. The delivery and building process went well. The dedication our sales representative showed was exceptional. It is hard to imagine we could have got such a good service anywhere else. Thank you, Vesa!

Are you happy with your house?

We are very happy. We can recommend Polar Life Haus and their log house delivery to everyone.

Ville and Katariina



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