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The plastic-free house offered by Polar Life Haus is a safe and healthy option.

All houses, regardless of the construction method, are manufactured without plastic. We use environmentally friendly wood fibre instead of mineral wool for insulation in our log houseseco wooden houses, as well as our hybrid houses, and we use paper instead of plastic in the wall structures. Thus, the structure becomes naturally healthy and breathable, so that moisture cannot condense inside the structures and the quality of the indoor air remains good.

Breathable structures and good-quality indoor air

Plastic-free houses breathe. In the log houses, the solid wood wall structure captures and releases moisture from the indoor air and thus keeps the air humidity at an optimal level. Wooden surfaces also clean the air and filter impurities.

In our pre-cut eco wooden houses, mineral wool and plastic are replaced with wood fibre insulation and paper. When a vapour barrier cannot form, moisture damage is also prevented. Our eco wooden houses are modern wooden houses that incorporate the best features of log houses. They are perfectly suited for implementing modern architecture.

Plastic-free construction is good for people and the environment

Rejecting plastic is a value judgement for us. We want to make houses where people can feel healthy and genuine natural materials are best suited for that purpose. Wood is also an unparalleled material from an environmental point of view. It is a renewable natural resource that lasts from generation to generation, and it also stores carbon during its long life cycle. Wood can also be recycled. That is why wood is a great choice.



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