Light-coloured spruce is a good match for a modern home

Polar Life Haus is a forerunner when it comes to using spruce for manufacturing log homes. 85% of the houses we manufacture are made of spruce, which has many advantages compared other species of wood. It has a beautiful even colour and smaller knots that don’t stand out as clearly as in pine, which has a more uneven, reddish colour.

The cellular structure of spruce is closed, which gives it good resistance against harsh weather conditions. Bending stress tests have proved that spruce is also more durable under stress than pine. In Finland, pine outnumbers spruce as the most common coniferous wood species, but spruce surpasses it in terms of annual growth. This makes spruce an environmentally friendly choice.

Using spruce as the raw material of log homes is not in common in Finland. To process it successfully requires special knowledge acquired only through experience.