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Log construction is a priority for us. Our goal is to offer our customers the market’s most versatile product selection in logs. We offer a wide range of different log types, log corners and log sizes.

We manufacture traditional planed logs, laminated logs and round logs. Our new product Solid Log represents a return to the roots of log construction. It is made of 100% solid wood, in this case light spruce.

Our selection of logs includes large and small, vertical, horizontal and cross-glued logs. Our profiles Sharpline and Softline complete the stylish appearance of the log wall. In our factory, it is possible to manufacture sturdy up to 500 mm-thick logs.

We offer corner solutions for both those who prefer traditional long corners as well as fans of more modern corners. Our City Plus corner solution is a patented modern log corner, where the logs are placed at the same height. It is highly airtight and looks stylish thanks to the additional rabbets in the inner corners.

Modern architecture essentially includes large glass surfaces, which can be safely and stylishly connected to the log structure with our own patented non-settling log structure. By using a special coating and screwing technique, we can ensure that the log wall that does not settle or warp.



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