Pulsar H5080

Pulsar is designed to fit in landscapes of outstanding and wild beauty as a sculptural, freestanding object. The main source of inspiration for the design comes from the archetypical shapes of manmade safe huts in wild natural environments.

Born from the dialogue between pure geometric forms and the wildness of nature, Pulsar is made for a lifestyle that combines the ancient need for immersion in striking natural settings and, at the same time, the contemporary longing for comfort and elegance.

The strength of Pulsar’s unique design dwells in the interest that its interior spaces generate, and in the special relationships established between internal and external space, by means of well-defined views opening over the surroundings and towards the sky.

For Pulsar, Caravello combined his own sensibility and experience with a very personal take on the Finnish traditional way of relating to nature, letting himself be inspired by the substantial harshness and beauty of Finnish landscapes.

Gross floor area 72 m²

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