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Polar Life Haus purchased the first Hundegger joinery machine as early as in 1998. In 2008, we made another investment in quality and purchased the Hundegger K2i joinery machine, at the time the first of its kind in Finland. In 2012, the latest model of K2i followed in tow. Hundegger machines are used for manufacturing all pre-cut ecohomes, a number of especially demanding joints in log homes (slanting corners, T-corners etc.) as well as all rafters and laminated beams. Hundegger guarantees machining accurate to the millimetre and makes it possible to realise even the most demanding architectural solutions.

In our production, all necessary machining is carried out accurately and carefully at the factory before arriving at the construction site. This makes the assembly of houses on the construction site smooth, easy, and fast. The quality and finishing of building components are on a completely different level than if these precision-demanding machining operations were done on-site.

From the desk of a structural designer, plans are transferred directly to a CNC machine, where human involvement is limited to monitoring the process while the machine works precisely according to the finished program code. Our machining operations are superior in terms of both quality and precision, allowing for features such as completely trimless implementation.



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