Sauna Restaurant Kuuma

The Sauna Restaurant Kuuma is a new landmark at the heart of Tampere. The woodstructured sauna restaurant opened its doors at the end of June 2018. The building’s surface area is 517 square metres. The sauna restaurant seats 659 customers, and it has terrace premises over two floors that total 727 square metres.

The design of a new build in the middle of a city was extremely challenging. In addition to this, the compact shape and size of the plot also guided design work. In architecture, the aim was to keep to a simple, streamline and clear design that would stand the test of time, and which would blend in with the other building stock of the city centre.

The building’s sculpture-like design is emphasised by the white-painted spruce posts that surround the arch shapes. Wood has been used strongly and visibly otherwise in the facades as well as in the interior design.

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