Log homes and post & beam homes

When nature and design unite

Wood is ecological - a log home is a product of nature

Choosing wood as the building material for your home is an act that respects nature. Wood is undoubtedly the most ecological building material: it is 100% a product of nature, and using it distinctly reduces carbon dioxide emissions. The manufacturing process of a log home consumes considerably less fossil fuels compared to other materials, and the wood waste that emerges as a side product can be further recycled for energy production. The amount of energy that can be produced from the wood waste is almost twice the amount of energy used in the manufacturing process. Furthermore, during its long life span, a log home also stores carbon dioxide.

Wood is comfortable - safe living in a log home

In wooden homes, indoor air is always fresh and good to breathe because wooden walls balance alterations in indoor humidity levels. In addition, they also filter and cleanse the air. Thanks to the breathing wall structure, humidity does not condense on the surfaces or other structures, and no indoor problems arise. What is more, studies show that the wooden surfaces of the house are pleasant to touch and comforting.

Eye-catching design - first-class quality

In a Polar Life Haus home, you find the qualities offered by nature and a modern, eye-catching design. Many of our models feature large glass surfaces that reach from the floor to the ceiling, inviting in the surrounding nature and its light as part of the interior decoration. Each house is designed individually, taking into consideration even the most demanding wishes. The most important thing for Polar Life Haus is a customer that is truly happy with their home and its design.


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