Hirsitalo Villa Olo
Hirsitalo Villa Olo
Hirsitalo Villa Olo


In Germany, the Zimmermeister traditions flourish to the day. The first Zimmermeister guild was founded in Germany in 1152. Its intention was to maintain, develop and register all Zimmermeisters and to school them into true professionals. A person was entitled to call themselves Zimmermeister only after studying to become a Zimmermann under a master and completing the Zimmermann journey.

After completing the journey the aspiring Zimmermeister would participate in a test (“Zimmermeister Prüfung”) which was the last obstacle to becoming a Zimmermeister. Back then Zimmermeister was a well-respected profession, and it remains so today.

A Zimmermeister’s life comes with traditions and honour. They do not work for the money but for the passion to excel at what they do and to be respected for that. The master-journeyman culture ensures that the knowledge is passed on to next generations.

Both our Polar Life Haus entrepreneurs have spent a long time in Germany studying the local building culture. The sense of honour the Zimmermeisters have towards their work has left a deep impression. Thanks to the time spent in Germany, we have realized that in order to produce high-quality homes you need to use top technology. This has resulted in investing the Hundegger special joinery machine, and the first one was installed in our factory in 1998. With Hundegger it is possible to make joineries and cuts accurate to the millimetre.

Another characteristic Polar Life Haus has picked from Germany is the use of spruce as the main raw material of our houses. In Central Europe, the expectations towards the quality of timber are exceptionally high, and spruce is our answer. An even colouring with lesser knots compared to pine gives this species of wood a refined look. Moreover, spruce has superior resistance to humidity, making it a perfect match for wooden homes with modern architecture.

When you follow your heart, the results will come. These days, Polar Life Haus is the biggest manufacturer of imported log homes in Germany.




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