Hirsitalo Villa Olo
Hirsitalo Villa Olo
Hirsitalo Villa Olo


We spend most of our time indoors. That is why the quality of indoor air has a tremendous effect on our well-being. At Polar Life Haus, we are dedicated to manufacturing houses that help you live longer and stay healthy.

A solid wooden wall construction of a log home maintains the indoor air humidity level at an optimal level. It also balances the alterations of temperature and cleanses and filters the air. It is a safe construction that is not prone to humidity problems. In a log home, you breathe easily.

Moreover, studies have shown that wooden surfaces have a positive effect on your mental health. Compared to other building materials, they are the most effective in reducing stress levels. Wood feels good to touch and it has warmth. It is a pleasure to behold.

Another important factor that contributes to your daily well-being is the quality of building materials. More and more people choose to consume organic food that is free of synthetic additives – why not do the same in regard to your housing?

The timber we use is graded with the top AB quality grade. It is pure Finnish wood. Laminated posts and beams are produced using a formaldehyde-free adhesive, which guarantees that they do not emit any toxins into the indoor air. Our pre-cut homes are realized with a plastic-free construction and use wood fibre as thermal insulation.

We believe that these choices matter when the goal is to build houses that do good, both to people and the environment.




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