Hirsitalo Villa Olo
Hirsitalo Villa Olo
Hirsitalo Villa Olo


Nature is one of the biggest sources of inspiration for us.

Hiking is a passion shared by our entrepreneurs and staff alike. A trip up north is a must, preferably several times a year. Sometimes you have to get far from everything, close to the most important things.

The wilderness gives everything a wider perspective. During the hiking trips you remember what is actually important in making houses:

To make houses that are in harmony with nature and fit into their surroundings. Houses that have been produced with respect toward the environment, using green raw materials. Houses that combine design and nature. Houses that last from generation to generation.

When you sit by the fire at night, new ideas come up without effort. When you walk, you remember what direction you want to go.

“We want this landscape to be proud of us.”




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