Hirsitalo Villa Olo
Hirsitalo Villa Olo
Hirsitalo Villa Olo


A wooden home is good for both people and the environment. Wood is the most environmentally friendly building material available – it’s a renewable resource that grows in our forests.

A wooden home, and in particular a log home, stores carbon dioxide throughout its long life span. The manufacturing process consumes considerably less energy than a stone house. What is more, the wood waste that emerges as the side product can be utilized to produce energy. In fact, the wood waste can produce more energy than is required for manufacturing a wooden home.

A young sapling takes a long time to grow into a full-grown tree. The journey from a forest to a house is long. For decades, the tree has given shelter for numerous animals and other plants, and by the time it is harvested, it has seen one human generation be born and grow old. It can be seen in the grains and annual growth rings that tell stories of cold winters and warms springs.

A wooden house is choice for environment. It is a home against throwawayism, for a sustainable future. That’s what matters.




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