Our values

All Polar Life Haus homes are custom-made according to the wishes of our customers. They combine deep knowledge on building wooden homes, top technology, design inspired by the northern nature as well as building materials that are guaranteed to be safe for your well-being and the environment.


The age-old tradition of the German Zimmermeisters inspires us to pursue the highest quality imaginable.

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Untouched nature is the most beautiful thing in the world. We want to build homes that are in harmony with their surroundings and take nature in as part of the interior.

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Wooden surfaces are good for both body and mind. The indoor air of a wooden home is fresh and clean, helping you breathe easier.

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Wood is the most environmentally friendly building material available, and a choice for environment. A wooden home is a home against throwawayism, for a sustainable future.

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Polar Life Haus - a reliable partner now and in the future

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